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Robinson House

Robinson Road is a single-story ranch home dating back to 1947 construction on a .53-acre site in Sebastopol, CA owned and operated by CHSC. This project involves rehabilitation of this older structure to create a total of six bedrooms to provide for 14 beds, two of which will be occupied by the On-Site House Manager who will be a CHSC employee. The 13 remaining beds will provide transitional housing for unaccompanied adults who are experiencing homelessness after exiting drug and alcohol treatment with an emphasis on housing veterans.

Robinson Road is the first housing owned and operated by CHSC that will directly pair housing and services in an onsite program. Robinson Road will be a transitional housing opportunity focused on homeless veterans challenged by PTSD and individuals who are sober, stable and have at least 90 days of sobriety. The goal of this transitional housing is to offer services with the housing in a combined supportive environment. Supportive services aim to help veterans gain housing stability, engage in meeting obligations of rent, set goals and plan for moving on to permanent housing. Counselors will also assist tenants in seeking counseling, employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities and finding meaningful community connections.

Robinson Road will provide one of several future opportunities to house vulnerable veterans in need of support and guidance as they reestablish lives of independence in the community.

Robinson Road Transitional Housing will offer voluntary services and enforce shared housing rules:

  • On-site 24/7 house supervision and social service case management provided by House Manager and Director of Programs
  • House rules and house meetings enforced by House Manager and Program Director
  • Room and Utilities included
  • Shared living environment with shared responsibilities for house maintenance
  • Sober and safe living environment, random drug and alcohol testing
  • Full furnishings and equipment
  • Referral to community partners and agencies for additional services
  • Computer with internet access (primarily for job search and related activities)
  • Assistance with court case documentation pertaining to sober living and program participation

Phase I work is underway in 2017 which provides exterior, driveway and landscaping improvements. Phase II work is the interior improvements to the home to accommodate and upgrade the home to house 14 residents. Phase II work will begin later in 2017 with the entire home expected to be occupied sometime in the first quarter of 2018.