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Community Housing Sonoma County has two projects we are seeking help with donations, goods, services and volunteers. Benton Veterans Village is the innovative rehabilitation of Santa Rosa’s 1940’s era Benton Street Firehouse. Veterans Village at the County is an innovative “Tiny Homes” village in partnership with Sonoma County. You can help by clicking on the appropriate button below and specifying the project. 

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Benton Veterans Village, Heroes Helping Heroes
CHSC is proud to join with the Santa Rosa Firefighters L1401 in a long-term and rewarding partnership on Benton Veterans Village. Our community’s firefighter heroes committed to supporting our veteran heroes moving into the apartments in a variety of ways including:  securing donations for furniture and supplies needed, creating special art, and donating a pool table for the community space. Santa Rosa firefighters plan to stay connected through regular dinners and pool nights with our veterans. CHSC needs donations of cash, new or like new furniture, new supplies such as bedding, towels, dishes, etc. for every apartment. We also need volunteers who can help seek donations, assist in decorating or moving items into the apartments, assist with landscaping and other project needs. Thank you to our Benton Veterans Village Sponsors 

$10,000 Chief Officer Donation

$5,000 Captain Donor

$2,500 Engineer Donor

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Veterans Village at the County
Veterans Village at the County is still in the planning stage. To assist with this project, we need cash donations and volunteers. We also need volunteers who can help seek donations, assist with landscaping and other project needs. Sonoma County has committed to providing housing for its homeless veterans. Housing our nation’s veterans is not only a moral imperative, it is an economic one. The cost to treat a homeless veteran at an emergency room and what typically can become a longer hospital stay, or the cost to arrest a veteran and house them in jail for a night, a week or longer far exceeds the cost per day to provide housing and support to assist our veterans in returning to an independent life.  Upwards of $4,000 per veteran per hospital stay, or $138 per veteran per day in jail compared to $14.30 per veteran per day at Veterans Village at the County makes clear economic sense for supportive housing serving homeless veterans. Thank you to our Veterans Village at the County, Tiny Homes Sponsors