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TINY HOMES: Veterans village
AT THE Sonoma county campus

Veterans Village on the Sonoma County campus will provide critical housing for 14 homeless veterans in 14 tiny homes, each under 300 square feet. The small carbon footprint of the buildings and the overall sustainability of the development will complement this service-rich community.  Veterans will receive rental assistance, case management, and clinical support provided by the Santa Rosa Veteran’s Affairs clinic. Eugene Burger Management Corporation will provide property management services and two peer counselors will live on-site as key tenants.  Many community volunteers, businesses and organizations have offered to provide support to the veteran tenants. We are grateful to our community partners who support our veterans.

On any given night in Sonoma County there are approximately 400 veterans who do not have a home to sleep in and must find alternative housing such as on a couch in someone's home, in a car, under a bridge, or on the street. Living unsheltered accelerates all kinds of physical challenges and emotional issues for our veterans. Imagine how much energy it takes to stay safe and warm or cool while living in a car or on a sidewalk. Then imagine dealing with other conditions, such as heart disease, or diabetes. Then imagine adding PTSD to this list, and quite possibly substance abuse to calm the demons of PTSD. These conditions alone are extremely challenging. Dealing with these conditions while homeless is practically impossible.

Sonoma County has committed to providing housing for its homeless veterans. Housing our nation’s veterans is not only a moral imperative, it is an economic one. The cost to treat a homeless veteran at an emergency room and what typically can become a longer hospital stay, or the cost to arrest a veteran and house them in jail for a night, a week or longer far exceeds the cost per day to provide housing and support to assist our veterans in returning to an independent life.  Upwards of $4,000 per veteran per hospital stay, or $138 per veteran per day in jail compared to $14.30 per veteran per day at Veterans Village at the County makes clear economic sense for supportive housing serving homeless veterans.

Thank you to Veterans Village Tiny Homes Sponsors